DreamGirl #4 "the teacher"

Its A Hard Knock Life!

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From the outside, the #DreamLife looks so effortless. But every #DreamGirl knows you learn some hard lessons throughout the process. #werk

 #DreamGirl Aisha Jackson shares how she didn’t let the hard knock life steal her dream!


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I wish someone would have told me, blatantly, how important it was to water my “grass” on a daily basis. Not a weekly or monthly basis. I didn’t realize the importance, or how to water my marriage “grass”. My husband and I had an easy breezy marriage, with a healthy argument here or there. After a while I subconsciously took this for granted. I treated it like a slow cooker - set it and forget it... It will come together on its own.


In the world we live in today someone is always after what you have/your position. Satan was knocking at my front door, and I was caught not offering my “A game” to my husband. This is when I learned very fast how important it was to be a servant to my husband. I needed to be his biggest cheerleader (no one should be cheering louder than me), I shouldn’t deprive my husband of sexual relations (1 Corinthians 7:5), and I needed to prayer over my husband regularly. These were areas in which I needed to renew my mind.

Being a cheerleader didn’t come naturally to me, but I owed it to my marriage to figure it out. I had to start with the small things. "Thanks love, for taking out the garbage today." "I bought you this new purple polo, because I think purple is a great color for you." These small praises grew into "Thanks dear for taking on more projects at work, I have definitely noticed and appreciate your dedication to the family." Practicing the small praises helped to develop me, and now the more detailed ones come naturally. 

I had to renew my mind when it came to making love. It wasn't about just rolling over. I needed to adjust the glasses in which I was viewing this experience. It was about have an intimate experience/connection in which no one else could have with him. This was our special time together to reconnect spiritually and physically. 


Lastly, it is VERY important to pray over your husband. As wives, we must bind any attacks of the devil on our husband’s mind and body. We can foresee things before our husbands do, just because of our women’s intuition. Pray that he recognizes the games of the devil, and pray that he has the strength to block the devil, as the gatekeeper to your family. 

 In closing, it is necessary to not just “set it and forget it”, in regards to your marriage. You must check on your marriage, add the necessary spices to keep it hot!


Prayer <Excerpt from “The Power of a Praying Wife”>

Thank you Lord for the grace and strength to be all the things I need to be to run a loving and fruitful household. Lord, show me how to make our home a safe haven that builds up our family – a place where creativity flows and communication is ongoing. Lord, help me to maintain a house that <enter husband’s name> is pleased to come home to. Lord, I thank you that you have graced me to be a Proverb 31 woman, wife, and mother. 

Lord, thank you for giving me the heart to serve.  I pray that  <enter husband’s name> and I grow daily in the areas of servanthood, respect, honor, selflessness, and love. Thank you for gracing me to walk in Love everyday towards  <enter husband’s & Children’s names> and everyone I encounter. Change me Lord; I want to be like you. Please uncover and remove any attitude or habits that are outside your perfect will for us.  

Contributed by Aisha Jackson, Wife, Mom & Style Enthusiast #DreamGirl #DreamLife

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