D A N G E R : A true #DreamLife has nothing to do with convention—WE define it! That’s right, often the best versions of ourselves will take guts, daring & boldness to embrace. Today the uber dreamy Janelle Sands shares with us how she has redefined “family”, it’s a story that might be familiar to some of you—and it’s oh so NICE!! Get ready to tear up ladies, it's our #DreamGirl Janelle!

Recently I was “complaining” about all of my responsibilities to my peers at the hair salon.  I mentioned how I needed to spend more time at home and craved balance and alone time. Of course this is a common conversation with women my age, who have young families and budding careers.  A colleague of mine lovingly told me,” You just need to stop taking care of other people’s kids.”  Taken back very briefly I searched my life to see whose children I had been caring for.  It took longer than expected for me to realize she was referring to my husband’s 16-year-old sister who now lives with us. Native to the Bahamas, her parents sent her here to be with her brother and to further her high school and soon her college education. 

 After realizing whose child I was taking care of, I lovingly told her,” I don’t just take care of her, we take care of each other.”

 How ironic that I would allow not one, not two but three of my husband’s family members to live with us at various times when early in my marriage one of the first bits of advice I had been given to keep a quality marriage was this: Do not let other people live with you, even family. However our family is… different.  On my side of the family, my parents always cared for “other people’s kids.”  We had foster children and most times we had a cousin or two among us.  It was natural for us to embrace others’ as our family.  On my husbands side of the family they believe blood is thick and family takes care of one another, no matter what.

 I am proud to have my sister Bria living with us.  Her extra dose of estrogen has brought more balance to our home than I ever imagined. She helps me with my two sons, she loves her brother, who is my husband, and she loves me. I love that my husband has expanded our ability to love beyond our nuclear family. We don’t just take care of her… we all take care of each other….


Contributed by Janelle Sands, Entrepreneur, Image Educator, Motivational Connector, Wife, Mother & #DreamGirl! For more about Janelle visit www.secretcurlsociety.com

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