DreamGirl #5 "just because"

Oh Happy Day #Dreamgirls!

The #DreamLife ain't all hard work; wife-dom is & should be filled with amazing moments of love & romance...and some of that romance will be delivered by YOU! Surprised? Don't be, men love attention & woo'ing just as much as we do.

Some of the best pre-marriage advice I have ever received was "be intentional about making memories"--those amazing once in a lifetime experiences that you look back on 20 years from now don't just happen on their own, we bring them to life! (dreamy right?) That bit of brilliance was gifted to me by none other than today's AMAZING contributor, Squeaky Moore White. Squeaky shares with us the art of loving someone "just because".




"Just Because" an excerpt from They All Come Back

Today a friend text me that she and her husband were going to a comedy show to see Mike Epps. She asked if I and my hubby wanted to join. I told her I would let her know.
I researched the show prices and called my husband to see if he was interested in going. I called 3 times but he didn’t pick up. Then it hit me… “I should surprise him! So I decide to get the tickets.

While buying the tickets, my hubby calls and I ask him if he had any plans for the night. He talked on and on, his usual way, about what he did or did not have planned. I just take charge and say, “Don’t plan anything, I am planning something ESPECIALLY for you!” (Okay, I know…this was totally my friends idea, but my husband doesn’t know that, and that’s not the point!) It was something about the “planned especially for you” part that made it seem even more special than if I had said, “planned for us.” It means, I have YOU on my mind. It means, I went out of my way because, “YOU are special.”

My husband just pauses for a moment, then says, “Ok.”

What takes place afterwards is the real reward for me. He starts rambling about how he is meeting up with the fellas to bowl at 12pm and, “That’s all he has to do,” and then he can just go straight home to shower and can be ready. Then he asks, “What time should I be ready?” To which I reply, “6pm.” He rambles on a bit more about everything and nothing pertaining to the “surprise.” Lol. “How should I dress?” “Is this surprise in NYC or NJ?”… I laugh to myself at him calling it a “Surprise”. Men get excited about surprises just like women do. We all bleed red. It’s the energy that is poured into a person that matters, not the thing itself. It could have been a perfectly planned trip to the park…well maybe not the park, but you get what I am saying! It is the little things that matter, that helps to add a touch of spice to a bland, ordinary day.
“BABE!!!!” I say, “Just be ready!”
He stops,
I get a thrill out of doing this kind of stuff. I smile inside knowing that I got my man all excited about the prospects of a fun evening that is all about him. It adds excitement to my relationship. It changes the everyday humdrum of marriage; wake-up, get kid ready for school, work, push the dream, come home, make dinner, put the kid to bed, watch a little TV, (maybe do-it), then go to sleep. Sigh.
Now, I’m going nuts trying to think of how I can add to his surprise…hmmm, maybe a handwritten letter listing the top 10 things he does that turns me on mentally and physically…idk, but my wheels-a-spinning!

Contributed by Squeaky Moore White, Writer, Actress, Director, Acting Coach, Wife & Mom. Keep an eye out for this #DreamGirls new book "They All Come Back"

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