DreamGirls #1

Can I be your dreamGIRL--YOU BET!

#DreamGirls DO exist--I repeat! WE are REAL!

The New Suzy is so excited to begin our #DreamGirl Series; a celebration of who we are as wives, mothers, sisters & friends! Ambitious, hardworking, nurturing & beautiful, #DreamGirls are ready to represent!

We begin our series with phenomenally dreamy Kristen Pope! She has a secret to share about "Love & Marriage"....



He's there.

I'm here, but we're together.

We live connected lives...apart.

You see my husband supported me on taking a job 1700 miles away in Texas. Our homebase is the tri-state area. We've been married for two and half years and well, I guess you could say we like a little adventure. This ride has certainly had its ups and downs. My husband's somewhat introvert, so my greatest worry in making the temporary leap was him. How would he cope? Who would he socialize with? How would he adjust to transition? Boy was I surprised when I realized all those worries should have pointed in my direction. Moving to a small, conservative new city, with no friends or relatives was the culture shock of my life. My frailties and weaknesses became so apparent. I was exposed to life outside of my comfort zone in a way, I hadn't since college. Every day relied on the faith that God would get me through to success and victory. The balancing act of home away from home, new home, new job and marriage was my new adjustment. Ironically, a strong affirmation of mine is that we as people are not called in this life to live comfortable, but convicted to our highest potential. Well, I began living this truth on a daily basis.

All the while, my husband and I traveled back and forth to see one another in our respective cities and a few times in new cities for a fresh adventure. He was solid and steady. He never complained that I was gone. He never asked me to make the tough choice by ending my year long commitment early. He was human rock. At the beginning of my marriage, I confessed to my husband that my love for him was shallow, but that over time I knew it would deepen. The stretching we encounter and the adversity we plow through has deepened my love for him. He's not just my husband, but he is my trusted friend, partner and companion. He's my ally. He's got my back and my front and I know no matter what adventure we take on, no matter what physical location we're in...we're together.

Contributed by Kristen L Pope, On Air Reporter, Journalist, NYABJ Award Winner, Creator & Host of The Positive Controversy and Wife

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