Oh, the places we will go...but dear one, with all the things you'll pack for this winding journey called "life", DO NOT forget your peace! Today, lets be reminded by the queen of all things girly & twirly, to embrace our uniqueness and the path that it will inevitably take us on...Hello N'Keisha!

From a young age, I've always felt taken care of and protected. I think my parents did a good job of helping me feel that way. I didn't grow up in church or with an understanding of who God is, but as I grew older and went away to college to experience life outside the nest, I still continued to feel protected and that my future was secure. Secure in what?! I didn't know at the time, but despite the constant conversations with my parents about their concern over my future, I felt at peace about what I could not see and what I did not know for some reason. They did not raise a fool, I still remind them of this important fact! And even though my path in life isn't the path that they would have taken, it's the path that I know I need to take for myself because it's that path that I have peace with.

When I came to have a relationship with God, I understood where the real source of that peace came from. He was there all along, just waiting for me to recognize Him! I always knew what I wanted to do and be in life, but as I got to know Him, He refined my purpose, which in turn defined who I was. No, I do not believe we are defined by what we do or our careers - but we are defined by who He says we are. And that's different for every single person on this earth. That's why in truth, there can be no such thing as "competition." There is no one who can do what someone else does the way that someone else can do it, as-long-as they're being true to who God says they are. That's the real non-compete clause! And it leaves the door wide open for people to support and encourage each other in the gifts that God has given them.

And when you finally step out and take the leap to really pursue your dreams, it's like accepting an invitation to battle. Not necessarily a physical battle, but an internal challenge to see if you are really who you say you are. A challenge that asks you if you're willing to stand up and defend who you are and protect the vision God has given you. The individual elements that make up who you are and that you feel so confident in when everything is cupcakes and cotton candy, are the very things that will be challenged, particularly by people that know you to some degree - which makes things more difficult. I was recently faced with such challenges that broke my peace. I contemplated the situations and knew that because of who I am I disagreed and felt that uneasiness in the pit of my stomach, but I also saw validity in some of the points that were made and thought to myself, "will these decisions add to me or will they subtract from me?" So I reached out to a close friend to get her thoughts, knowing that she would tell me exactly what I needed her to tell me. Which was to basically snap out of it because "if you start changing for folks you'll never be happy." And we all need that reminder every now and again.

So the moral of the story is: DO YOU! This may sound juvenile, but I love this line from Dr. Seuss's book, Happy Birthday To You, "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"

Who you are on the inside, what you reflect on the outside, your quirks, your crazy, your purpose, your dreams, your beauty, your truth, your everything are all assets that make you unique, that give you a blueprint. People will teach you many wonderful and valuable things over the course of your life, but God is the only One who can refine and define you, and help you be at peace in the decisions that He'll help you make.

Contributed by N'Keisha Alleyne, Brand Manager, Stylist, Foodie & Curator of all things lovely! Daughter, Sister, Friend & #DreamGirl ... #DreamGirl #DreamLife

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