#DreamGirls STAND UP! 

Today I am on dream girl OVERLOAD with none other than slay-ana herself, Sybil Amuti! And it's her birthday!🎉 What better way to honor her (outside of 6 carats) than to celebrate her as this week's feature. 

 Lovely ones, please prepare your hearts & souls as she kicks the "real" on that grown woman love....Sybil!

Marriage is all about love. 

Exploring the definition of love each day, and pursuing love when everything inside of you is screaming hate.  My marriage isn’t perfect; in fact, there is no such union.  But I do know my marriage is love.  Kwaku and I have been together for 13 years now, and married for 9 years.  Why am I in my marriage- because I love my husband inside and out, and I want to show him what my love can do for him.  When you love your spouse, you nurture them, you protect them, and you grow them.  When you love your spouse, you anchor their dreams, and stretch their abilities. Kwaku and I started our marriage with a lot of love and a lot of potential.  We spent our years investing in each other, learning more about who we are to this world, and creating a culture for our marriage that we could both thrive in.  We created businesses, kids, and a foundation that feels unshakable. 

When I’m with Kwaku, I feel adored, I feel giddy, I feel excited, and I feel protected.  I know that his affection for me is not temporal, it’s rooted in love that comes from God.  And my love for him is the same.  You see, we’ve decided that, if we’re spending our lives together forever, we may as well spend them in the abundance of love.  Why not spend our years in bliss? Why not have a legacy of passion and commitment? Why not let love run wild in our lives?  We don’t have to be broken and frustrated, arguing and disjointed, we can actually have fulfillment, togetherness, and passion that explodes in new ways each day.  I get excited thinking about the years ahead because I know the investment that we’ve made into the years past.  We’re rock solid…we’re built to last.

Contributed by Sybil Clark-Amuti, Brand Strategist, Content Creator, Visionary Connector, Worshipper, Wife, Mom, Great Girlfriend to many AND DreamGirl! For more about Sybil visit or follow her on IG @thegreatgirlfriends.


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