#DreamLife: Edna's Decadent Holiday

It's the holiday & you're in for a treat--literally!!

It's the perfect time to put your kitchen skills to the test. & yes, we dreams can burn up a catwalk as well as some bacon! Here to share the secrets of her holiday "go-to" holiday dish is super dreamy #DreamGirl Edna Cruz...she makes it look so sweet! 

Original Flan Recipe

Flan is a cultural pastry dish known to many Latin and Caribbean cultures. I used to think it was 

the most complicated dish especially preparing the caramel. It’s actually pretty simple and has 4 

basic steps. There are many versions but this is my mother in law’s traditional recipe. ..From our 

kitchen to yours Happy Holiday’s!



3 Large Eggs

1 Can 14 oz. Condensed Milk 

1 Can 12 oz. Evaporated Milk 

¼ cup of Brown Sugar

2 teaspoons of Vanilla Extract

Preparation should follow this order. 

First: Caramel

Most recipes use 1 cup a sugar, but 4-5 tablespoons is sufficient; leaves a little room for guilt 

free pleasure and five minutes off the treadmill. In a baking pan add sugar with the same 

amount of water (¼ cup of brown sugar to ¼ cup of water). With a low to medium heat allow 

sugar to begin caramelize. (Do not burn). Caramel is easy to control when it is still warm so 

while the caramel is still warm I like to tilt the pan slightly and spread the caramel around the 

edges. Set the pan aside and allow it to harden. 

Second: Flan 

In a large bowl, whisk (3) eggs thoroughly

Add 1 can of 14 oz. Condensed milk 

1 can of 12 oz. Evaporated milk 

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract 

Mix ingredients well until all ingredients are blended but do not over mix. Pour the flan mix into 

the pan. 

Third: How to cook

In a larger pan add water to create what is known as a water bath (Baño de María). Place the pan with your mix into the Baño de María. Cover the flan with a sheet of aluminum foil. I like to cover the flan with foil not seal it. This way it gets to evaporate. Place in the oven and cook for about 1 hour. With a small knife you can check if it’s solid in the center. If the center is uncooked you will see mixture on the knife. When it is cooked refrigerate for 3-4 hours. (Flan can also be cooked on your stove top using the same procedure; I prefer the oven.)

Fourth: How to serve

Place the flan over a server ware or platter of your desire. I like to gently loosen the edges with a knife to loosen the flan from the sauce pan. With your platter on top flip the flan over so that the caramel is on top. 

Serve at a cool temperature. You can add fresh raspberries as a garnish or complimentary to your sweet dish. For extra decadence adding syrup, marmalades, or crème’s will take your dish from basic to culinary. 


Complimentary side recommendations: 





Enjoy!... !Buen provecho!

Contributed by Edna Cruz, Newly Wed, Professional & Super Aunt! #DreamGirl #DreamLife

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