Boy meets Girl


How We Met...

Diondra: We met at a wedding rehearsal brunch in Miami; I technically butted into a conversation he was having with the bride's sister. During that first conversation he mentioned that he was a Pastor of Worship and at the time I found this super funny! It seemed like a made up title--who knew! From that I shared that I was also a worship leader and so he invited me to be a part of his church's 7:30am worship service! Heck no! I had a bridal slumber party that night! But everyone was sort of pushing me to do it, the bride's father, the senior pastor--I'm like, hello! I'm here for the wedding!

So, essentially this is how Ronald got my digits--lol!

 Ronald: But Diondra did eventually say yes--she had no choice, the peer pressure was too much! Lol! But later on that evening I felt sorry for her because I know what it's like to be on vacation and everyone wants you to sing and minister. I called Diondra and told that she didn't have to do it. I wanted her to enjoy her time in Miami, but we certainly wanted to have her come back!


 Diondra: It was easy to become friends with him, we had so much in common as it related to the ministry, our families and lives as transplants to new cities. We also had very similar life views but there was just enough about him (to me) that was foreign and new, it kept me interested in him.

Ronald seemed very wise for his age, I know that comes from working in the lives of people every day (& God), but that measured into him saying & having some of the funniest observations! I really enjoyed him, all the time! I began to want to know his opinion on everything...I really just wanted to know him.

So what started off as a casual "nice to meet you" text grew very quickly into daily emails & phone calls...then one day he asked what I thought about Skype.

Ronald: I've never met anyone like her, we had so much fun together over the phone! Lol! She really was incredibly funny and I found that to be so refreshing. We talked for hours on the phone (still do) like we were back in high school or something--and the conversation never felt forced or one-sided!! She had so many experiences in her life that mirrored mine. It was a very new and interesting level of relativity for me. We were both REAL about our lives, families, our experiences and our many mistakes. Transparency was always at the center of our conversations

The Shift...

Diondra: Our first Skype conversation lasted about 5 hours!

I think Ronald aptly & democratically called the "shift" the pink elephant in the room--lol! There was a definite point where we both became aware of the fact that God was beginning something between the two of us. From my vantage point Ronald handled it with so much more grace--ha!! I was a little freaked! I was very sure in my spirit, but I was still caught completely off guard at the fact that this was the "it" that all little girls and young women dream of happening--"it" was happening! And, this was the first time I was sure that it was God's will (as it relates to my love life). Despite my "weirdness", Ronald began to pursue me with such genuine ardor that I was humbled and grateful and completely swept off my feet--probably in like a week! Lol! What?! I'm a girl!

Through the experience of "falling", I truly thank God for surrounding me with the support of friends & family. They kept me from de-railing and self sabotaging (yep, I'm the master of self espionage!). Ronald's love style challenged me to rise to the occasion.


Ronald: The word "Shift" is apropo to this time in our journey. God was doing just that in both of us simultaneously. God charged me to do some things where Diondra was concerned, and I honestly wanted her to see my heart--to know that it truly had taken a turn. It was on a collision course for her heart.

I've always heard people talk about "the knowing". "When its time, you'll just know" , and for the first time...I knew. With all of the unanswered questions (where were we gonna live, what about your bad habits, my bad habits, how are we gonna do this or that...) Didn't matter.  I just knew that Diondra Michelle Myrtle Smith was it for me, and she always will be.

 The Engagement Tour...

 Diondra: Our engagement began not with Ronald on his knee, ring in hand, but over Skype with the two of us agreeing to God's will for our lives as husband and wife. I really think we were lucky in that God was very clear on our joined purpose. This set a course for us to walk and firmly established God at the center.

Then there was our first meeting in Charlotte NC.

::insert ominous music::

This was our first official meeting (with chaperones) after the initial meet--the moment of putting to test everything we'd been discussing...can we say "highs & lows"--lol! Ok, I acted a stinker! Lol! But hey, I wasn't fully delivered yet!

But again, to Ronald's credit he was unchanging and to God's credit, He gave me His best in Ronald.

Since then we have been to New Orleans LA, Grand Rapids MI, New York City, Miami FL (a couple times)., Dallas TX..we've met family & friends and gotten the blessing of aaallll the parents! Lol! My momma loves him ::smile::


Being the consummate traditionalist, I really struggled with the idea of "being engaged" with no ring or proposal in the "traditional" sense. It's what I expected for any engagement that I'd be a part of. But I found peace in the fact the God was "all up and through" our situation.

Charlotte was a blast! It was as if we had known each other all our lives. What was supposed to be me going to Charlotte for business totally turned into an official launching pad for our courtship.

We decided to wait until after Charlotte to have any (more) wedding planning conversations, but in true Diondra fashion, the very next day back from Charlotte I had a line item budget for the wedding! Lol! 

Next we went to New Orleans to begin the process of preparing for the wedding and to meet my mom. My mom & Diondra hit it off so well it made me nervous (weird, I know)!

From there it was off to Grand Rapids where I had the chance to ask for her father's blessing (I told you I was a traditionalist) and to meet the Tribe Called Flowers!

Diondra is all that I could ever want in a woman, a friend, and a partner!

...The Beginning!