I's Married!

So... I’m married now.

For weeks I’ve been asking myself what the heck does that mean?? Really... in real time—ACTUALLY! It's like my brain can't grasp the concept, can't even imagine what it looks like.  

Yes, you see your married friends out & about—permanent date, baby daddy, somebody to get the car, let you know if you got cold in your eye or a booger in your nose, another plate to taste food off—but that’s not really married, that’s more like together. But what is married—somebody tell me!


I’m married now & this is day three in our shared dwelling. My husband ::smile:: & I had a long distance courtship. We married a' la destination in his hometown of New Orleans & from there we zipped away to Costa Rica for the obligatory honeymoon. The last three days have been our first three days permanently planted in the same zip code…but also, first three days in the house together, three days operating as husband & wife—married! Yep, layers & layers of new & undefined—are we doing this right??


I’m actually married.


As the days go on what that means has begun to bubble to the surface—2 hours in the grocery store & 300$ worth of damage, his way & my way of putting away the groceries, dinner at the table, waking up in a puddle of his drool, laughing at my twilight farts, wondering why your hand smells like that as you caress my face—haha!!!


I married a friend, it’s been officially 8 days of bliss, three days as house mates with hearts set on lots more laughs & miles to burn.


We’re married & we need a couch—NEXT!

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