Everybody plays the fool, least that's how the song goes.

But it doesn't stop there, does it? Sometimes the wreckage, the aftermath of love can leave us questioning it ALL! So how, where and with what do you start again. Vivacious #DreamGirl Tiffany Simmons shares a bit of wisdom on how to love again.

How to love LOVE again

“He said he was single, we dated for a year, but all along he had a girlfriend .”  This is a typical story of “when dating goes wrong.”   We love LOVE when we are in it, but how do you feel about love when you’re not in love?  How do you feel about love after February 14?  What do you do when dating goes wrong? Could you brush yourself off and try again?  Or would you “waiting to exhale” destroy his property?  Just kidding, I am an attorney, so I wouldn’t advise you to bust the windows out of his car no matter how much your bff is willing to do it with you.


I’ll admit the “when dating goes wrong” story happened to me.   As I was looking for “me” as an newly unmarried woman, I met him.  This guy kept my attention longer than the rest and honestly he helped me grow.   I admired, respected, and appreciated him as a friend.   I was honest, he wasn’t, and when I found out the truth, I was embarrassed and felt betrayed by my friend who I loved unconditionally.

We can all agree that heartbreaks suck!  But how can you love LOVE anyways?  First, spend time processing your thoughts/feelings.  It’s not your fault that it didn’t work out.  Second, understand that real LOVE is power and giving love freely to someone takes courage.  Third, be open to new love, but use discernment as you meet new people.  You have to become what you wish to attract, so stay positive and be that “Dream Girl” to attract your dream mate.  Overall, deal with matters of the heart the healthiest way that you can, but please believe that your worth LOVE. 

Contributed by Tiffany Michelle Simmons, an Atlanta based lawyer & owner of Simmons Law. Media Personality, Speaker, Mentor, Philanthropist, Daughter & Friend...just a #DreamGirl living her #DreamLife!

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