HEY! Hey Suzy! Where you been?!

Well lovelies, I’m back!

Right when I thought it was time to “Go, Suzy, GO!”, our family experienced a slight change of plans--we made the most delicious baby! Our little Tripp is such a miracle (more on that a little later)! Being the "reveler" that I am, there was no other choice than to live in the moment! So we soaked up every bit of the experience from soup to nuts (prenatal yoga, acupuncture, home birth, oh my!). 

For 39 weeks I waddled around wondering what the heck I was doin’! Wasn’t this career suicide? I had a brand to grow, I had panties to make! Can I pimp these draws with stretch marks??! Despite all the questions, I journeyed through this chapter of life with an amazing sense of peace & joy.

Life has dealt me many highs, many impossibilities come true--but this redefinition of self through pregnancy and motherhood has shown me more about what I’m made of than any other life experience! (Sorry boo, marrying you was awesome too!) For me, stopping to take it all in was exactly what I should be doing.

Now WE ARE back! Lol! And so glad about it! Did you miss us? We definitely missed you! And like every great girlfriend—let’s just pick up right where we left off! Oh, & don’t you worry, I’ve got new goodies & some juicy gossip to share!



Chief Panty Enthusiast, Suzy Black aka the big homie


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