Say "NO" to the Narrative

Today I have decided that I will no longer feed into the narrative.

Emotional woman. Frumpy mom. THOT. Angry black woman. Selfish career girl. Desperate & single.

No. I am more than your singular label. I am not a forgone conclusion. I am constantly growing, constantly evolving.

I am kind, giving, loving, strong, brilliant, mighty, loud, unexpected, jazzy—I’m all of those things! & so are many of you! Whether you are Vietnamese, Italian, Cuban, CEO, Broadway chorus girl, elementary school teachers, you are the delicately intricate masterpiece that is a woman.

What I am not is here to pay for the mistakes of those before me. I will not acknowledge your limited perspective of me. I won’t shrink to make you comfortable or fall in step to come across familiar & safe.

So, today I hang up my hang ups. I am free.

Oh, don’t misunderstand or mistake this as me not caring. I still care—about you the individual—I care enough to SHOW you better than your poor past experiences with others of my kind. BUT in no way will I be burdened by the specter of what I can never solely disprove. Momma always said you can’t chase down a lie and that’s not my job anyway.

I am a woman. I am a black woman. I am a woman who has a career, who is strong in faith, who loves a man and who wants to leave a legacy in this world. I am demure, I am faithful, I am filled to the top with gratitude but I am also full of mistakes. I own them, I apologize, I make amends, I mature.

My advice to you is to grow with me, and never get caught thinking I’m that girl from yesterday…



Diondra aka TheNewSuzy

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