The many adventures, thoughts & discoveries of a girl on the grow!

The SUZY BLACK NYC is a conversation about the ever evolving image of the contemporary wife. It is the woman for whom God’s love & purpose is her core motivation, from which everything else blooms. WE ARE A REVIVAL!  Wife, Mother, Dream Girl, Chef, Cheerleader, Boss—The New Suzy!

 I have this idea...


I have this idea... It most likely started as a seed, planted in my 7 or 8 years old mind, one day as I watched my mom, in her shortest shorts, prance around our house. She defied her conservative roots & suburban trappings SIMPLY because it suited her best! #BOSS. This idea, which has come back to me again & again, mostly as I realize how much I'm just like her (which ain't so bad) is this—I want to make pretty little things that allow me, you, us—to feel sexy & glamorous without a lot of fuss! I want to create a space where we can feel connected to who we are & who we desire to be, without shame, without doubt, without girl on girl hate—lol! That's it...

XOXO (sloppy ones),


ps...momma would be proud


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 I am a woman who still sometimes feels like a girl. I am a newlywed who has been fiercely independent & sure, but who is now learning what it means to become a partner. I am the new face of the contemporary Christian wife.

I am trendy, classic, confident & energetic--now daily exploring what it means to be covered by another.

I am devoted to Christ.

I am committed to honoring & esteeming my husband as my head.

I am a BOSS.

I am sexy & inventive, I am on a mission of discovery--I am the real sex in the city! I cook, I organize, and I nurture all while still being FIRE everywhere that I go! I am an individual &

I am the team. I am not tethered, I am protected. I am not held back, I am paced. I am not ruled but multiplied.

I am THE NEW SUZY, the redefinition of the happy home maker!