Glamour & risk were all around me

#SELFIE #ridinWitMYboothang

#SELFIE #ridinWitMYboothang

I’ve been doing this fashion thing since I was an itty bitty girl. I remember sewing up my interpretation of a Greek toga (‘cause togas absolutely need a stitch or two) for a 3rd grade class play & even younger than that, making tube (sock) dresses for my Barbie Dolls. But who could blame me, I grew up watching my mom & her 10 sisters pull a “Scarlett O’Hara” (drapes into ball gowns) every week for church! Glamor & risk were all around me right from the very start, so finding my effortless passion was as easy as doing the tootsie roll.


Fast forward—I escape small town Michigan for college in the big city of Chicago (it was big to me!). After that I land an amazing design internship in New York City under fellow Michigander & design icon Anna Sui--#boopGetmoney! I had arrived, or so I thought—lol! More like 13 years & many other great opportunities later, I have been blessed to experience a wide landscape of design & production in many different countries, under the direction of many more fashion stars (Sean Jean/Rogan/Public School/Diane von Furstenburg).

 I have this idea...

So that brings me to today… I have this idea. This idea most likely started as a seed, planted in my 7 or 8 years old mind, one day as I watched my mom, in her shortest shorts, prance around our house. She defied her conservative roots & suburban trappings SIMPLY because it suited her best! #BOSS. The idea, which has come back to me again & again, mostly as I realize how much I'm just like her (which aint so bad) is this—I want to make pretty little things that allow me, you, us—to feel sexy & glamorous without a lot of fuss! I want to create a space where we can feel connected to who we are & who we desire to be, without shame, without doubt, without girl on girl hate—lol! That's it...



ps...momma would be proud